i cant wait to get a boyfriend, im all prepared. i punched some holes in the lid of this jar and i put some grass and a twig in it


Haunting Statues From Around the World

1) David Cerny Sculptures from Czech Republic

2) The Cloaks of Conscience can be found in Austria, Greece, Italy, Czech Rep, and Austria.

3) Statues of Indian Sculpture Park at Victoria’s Way made in India, located in Ireland.

4) Transi De Rene De Chalon in France

5) Virgin Mother in New York


Edward Scissorhands
Tim Burton. 1990

Peg’s neighbourhood
Tinsmith Circle, Land O’ Lakes, Florida
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"You see, before he came down here, it never snowed. And afterwards, it did. If he weren’t up there now… I don’t think it would be snowing. Sometimes you can still catch me dancing in it."

Valar dohaeris.

Valar dohaeris.


firefly meme: Females Characters(2/3) - River Tam


Harley Quinn and The Joker by Lee Bermejo